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Brats Of Bhutan

I’m walking around Punakha, sightseeing, and my shirt is soaked with sweat. It is a surprisingly sunny day so it could be the perspiration shooting out through the pores on my back. But it could also be the ema datsi I had for lunch—the national dish of chillies and cheese—clawing its way out of my body.

Anyways, as I was walking down the streets and I heard this tiny, cherubic faced kid yell “Kuzu zangpo la!”. Some of them in the group were a little dusty, some have runny noses, but all are friendly and smiley and just want to say ‘hi!’

The children I see seem innocent and happy in a mostly untouched corner of the world. I wish I could ask them what they like to do or what they worry about. All I know is they seem content just to run and play with a stick. But they seem happier than many kids of today in the Western world. And It was hard to NOT photograph every child I came across.

Meet the Brats of Bhutan

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