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A storyteller who has been on a curious little quest. To make this world and its people, my home.

“At the crack of dawn,

to the dark of the night’s sky,

All I want…is to melt.

In another country’s landscape.”

A spark ignites.

A cup of tea made differently,
A parents’ itch to drive to places,

A sari worn differently by another,

A tongue spoken incomprehesively…

Life seemed to be a kaleidoscope of experiences, from a very young age, to this little girl.

Who is Tandrani ?


You can call me Tan!

Spirited, passionate, spontaneous…I see myself as I see my travels. My adventures across the planet have shaped me to be who I am today, taught me lessons I couldn’t learn in a classroom, and collected memories as trinkets for a lifetime’s worth of anecdotes. I’m Tandrani Raj and this is my story of ‘Girl Meets Globe’. 

Having grown up in as an ‘army brat’, I’ve had the privilege to travel the country and meet folks from different walks of life; living out of suitcases was nothing new to me. For some, this is might seem daunting…for me, however, it became my life’s calling. Exploring forgotten relics, investigating happening locations, experiencing a myriad of cultures, interacting with a spectrum of locals – all this helped me get an inch closer to understanding this spinning rock we call home. 

The years I’ve spent on the road, in flights, on hotel beds and cobblestone paths are merely a trailer to the travels I’ve ahead of me. Be it my solo trips or group expeditions, I’m an advocate for booking the next flight out to anywhere my heart desires. I hope my adventures inspire anyone who is willing to take a risk, not look back and find joy in the little things mother earth has to offer.

Tandrani Unhinged.

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