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Travel is halfway about food, let’s be real. The best part of any amazing travel day is sitting down to a meal that’s both tasty and novel, a meal that you’re sure you can’t find at home.

If you are a vegetarian traveler like me you surely understand it is so difficult to find good places or good dishes to eat around the world. The world can offer you endless meat and fish dishes, but for vegetarians, the options are so few.


 This list has some of the most amazing vegetarian dishes that i have tried through my travels, that will make your plate look colorful and your tummy happy.

Here is a list of my top 10 best vegetarian dishes around the world:

1. Veitnamese Pho

Love a good  bowl of glass noodles with nutritious yet delicious broth loaded with exotic vegetables?Look no further.


When you arrive in Vietnam, treat your eyes and soul with this scrumptious national dish.


With an increasing awareness about veganism, a lot of restaurants serve it with a vegetable broth so you don't have to worry about changing your eating habits.

Best served with a nice chilled glass of freshly squeezed orange juice .

(cue: drools🤤)

Food and Travel

2. Srilankan Hoppers 

Food and Travel

Hop onto the bus, because you are in for a ride of flavours, tingling your taste buds, Srilankan food will never leave the vegeterians disappointed.

So first off, are my personal favourite, Hoppers!


They are versatile because they can be eaten with any curry(vegetarian stew) or sambal or just like that !


That crackling sound when you tear it into a piece is bliss to your ears! Do give it a try.


Vegetarian Kottu:

An extremely popular street dish in this scenic island, it is basically a giant sized godamba roti, stir fried with essential spices, vegetables of your choices, impossible to resist , easily available everywhere.

3. French Patisserie 

Food and Travel
Food and Travel

"Je voudrais un croissant et un café pour aller, s'il vous plait?"

The land of what is considered to be of the most sophisticated people offer you more than just that. Obviously, their patisserie is world-renowned but here's what you can try than Just that.


A cousin of quiche but with a vegetarian twist.It is loaded with vegetables,cream and cheese!


Ummm, délicieuse!

4. Australian Lamingtons: 

Food and Travel
Food and Travel

Australian Lamingtons:

It's true,good things comes in small...erm in Square shapes.

Lamingtons are one of the Delish deserts the Aussies have to offer.


Apart from the avocado toast and their hyped culture about veganism, Australia sure has a flip side to almost it's all favourite food but Lamington is something of their own.


Covered in desiccated coconut but firstly covered in chocolate.
There are other variations to it like cream layered and jam, but this one is a classic!

5. Egyptian Tameeya

Food and Travel

Tameeya (Falafel):


Balls of goodness..made up of fava beans traditionally and not chickpeas unlike most of the middle eastern countries .


Tameeya is served with Tahini sauce,lettuce, tomatoes,Onions and love in soft pita bread.


Marhaba!Say Hi to heaven in your mouth.

6.Turkish Delights

Food and Travel



A cooked pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach,or with eggplant.


It's crunchy and it's nice. 

When you bite into it, you'll know it.


Food and Travel go hand in hand in Turkey. It is a food Haven for meat lovers,but after borek you might be convinced otherwise.

7. Brazilian Tapioca

Food and Travel



Apart from their staple rice and beans along with a source of protein , mainly meat based, Tapioca is something classic!

The taco base is either sweet or salty according to your taste or just neutral if you'd like.


You can really experiment with your taste buds ,make it wholesome with exotic vegetables and cheese or if you are in the mood for something sweet ,order the filling of chocolate, Bananas and cinnamon.

8. Peruvian Papa a la Huancaina

Food and Travel


Love cheese and Potato and everything in between?

This Peruvian dish is cheap, easily available and will become your favourite in no time.


These are sliced potatoes topped off with Ají pepper sauce and Thick cheese, what's there not to like.Its quite wholesome!

Food and Travel are infectious while food has the power to bring together people from around the globe, passion for travel helps us identifying these gastronomical treasures. These were some of my favourites. Let me know yours in the comment section below!

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