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My Carry-On Essentials

Your carry-on is an extension of your handbag, and having your most important things close by will make it easy for you to settle in quickly on arrival.

I have been traveling for years and have my carry-on set up perfectly suited to my travel style. Not only does it ensure I have a great trip, it saves me money having to buy last minute items at the airport.

Here’s what I recommend you have in your carry-on bag.

Eye Mask: This is especially important for long haul flights. Sleeping on airplanes is hard enough with all the noise around, at least cutting the light helps the body slow down so you can rest.

Stole: If you are traveling in the winter, you will definitely want a scarf with you, so you might want as well bring a big warm one that doubles as a blanket for when you inevitably get cold on the plane.

Empty Water Bottle: Water is nearly as expensive as a fizzy drink these days. Bringing a empty bottle with you and filling it up at the fountain in the airport, helps you stay hydrated on the journey.

Chewing Gums: Great for keeping the ears unplugged.

Magazine: I like to throw a magazine in my bag for those uncomfortable moments when I might want a distraction, but can’t focus on something like a book.

Face wipes: It’s always good to refresh your skin if you are on a long journey. Anything to keep the air conditioning from sucking the life out of it.

Snacks: Airplane food is usually yucky, and hate paying a small fortune for something I don’t even want. Desperate times! I always bring snacks with me.

Portable Battery Pack: Most smaller aircraft don't have plugs, so you want to be ready with a bit of back up phone juice!

And of course, anything valuable should stay with you in your carry-on. For me that includes things like my camera and any jewelry.

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