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Thailand- A land of many Guises

This is a land of many Guises. It has the pristine beaches, tranquil temples, nightlife and the many waves and smiles from the locals.

Thailand is synonymous of hustle bustle, great sight-seeing and of course the charm of this island might be varied; but its beating heart is Bangkok, the capital. Thailand meaning the ‘Land of the Free’, is the only country in SE Asia that hasn’t been colonized by a European nation, yet whose pop culture still holds mysteries for every visitor; You are sure to be intrigued and mesmerized by what you see.

My trip first started with Pattaya, which has all the pre-requisites for a true Metropolis. Clock-full of nightlife and bursting with charm, looks and feels like you have stepped into the glimpse of everyday lives of the Locals.

Pattaya is a fascinating city of vibrant colours, beautiful landscapes and sleepless corners. It was a definite necessity for me to get to grips with local transport in order to get the most out of the experience, and thus I chose to explore it by a tuk tuk. I made my way through the busy food markets, weaving through winding alley ways and soaking up the mouth-watering smells as we passed local women perched in doorways cooking on tiny stoves. I was lucky enough to be invited for some exotic homemade Thai Delicacies. Thailand is one of the largest producers of pineapples in the world (which means no excuses not to try a delicious, fresh fruit shake during your Thailand trip!

Soon, I waved goodbye to dozens of smiling faces and continued my journey. Pattaya is flooded with 7/11 Stores, where you get everything you would need on a holiday without being to negotiate.

Relaxing with a massage and a fish spa was great way to wind down at the end of my Pattaya travel experience until I started my journey onto Bangkok.

When I was travelling through Bangkok I spent an afternoon technically ‘lost’ in this chaotic city, but rather than feeling like I had to find my way back to my hotel I felt completely at ease; And it’s still easy enough to escape the crowds and find tranquility to absorb its stories.

Before long, we reached a beautiful temple where we stopped for a slurp of water and a few photos. After removing our shoes, we entered the temple and absorbed the tranquil atmosphere. To find somewhere so peaceful and serene amongst a city surrounded by chaos and noise was really bizarre- it was like a little haven.

I grabbed a tuk-tuk to the Silom area of the city to experience the magnificent views across this sprawling cosmopolitan. The Lebua hotel boasts amazing views of the city from their Sky bar on the roof of the 63 floor building. It is one of the world's highest open air bars, overlooking Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River. After taking in the delicious drinks and stunning views we headed further into Silom, away from the hotels and tourist areas to discover a true taste of Bangkok life. We ended up in a Thai street market boasting a whole array of clothes, shoes, perfume and food. The small stalls were packed with Thai school children looking for a bargain and there were certainly lots to be had with prices being a fraction of the cost in the more touristy areas. Being the only non-Thai people around was a great feeling, I felt like I was experiencing a more authentic side of the city without the hassle you quite frequently get in places like Khao San Road.

Sampling the food in this area is also a more authentic experience, the street food is cooked fresh in front of you and for the cost of about 50p you can get a really delicious meal. Sitting alongside the locals I felt totally included in their day-to-day lives. The Thais as a nation are very welcoming and embrace the opportunity to chat to anyone and everyone!

As my time draws to a close, I am filled with this buoyancy. It was brave, exciting, instinctive-and just a bit insane, and definitely something worth to tell a tale.

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